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This section of the website has old knit
and crochet patterns from the turn-of-the-
century. They are patterns taken from actual
books and magazines of the time. Most are
clothing and sweaters for women and children,
with a few for men. Old doily and edging
patterns are much more plentiful so these
are not yet included, though they might be put
on the 'lacemaking' page when time permits.

I wish to encourage others to put old patterns
online for all to enjoy. If you have needlework
books from 1922 and earlier, please consider
putting their patterns online.


The word doily, now so familiar to
women, is derived from the name of
Robert D'Oyley, one of the followers of
William the Norman. He received a grant
of valuable lands on the condition of the
yearly tender of a table-cloth of three
shillings value at the feast of St. Michael.
Agreeable to the fashion of the time, the
ladies of the D'Oyley family were accus-
tomed to embroider and ornament the
quit-rent table-cloths; hence, these cloths
becoming curiosities, and accumulating
in the course of years, were at length
brought into use as napkins at the royal
table and called doilies.

--- The Ladies Home Companion 1895

"FLEISHERS Knitting & Crocheting MANUAL" 1916

page 1
page 2
Stocking Knitting

"FLEISHERS Knitting & Crocheting MANUAL" 1918

1918 patterns

"Bear Brand Blue Books of Yarnkraft"

1918 Girl's Wear
1919 Women's Wear
1919 Men's/Boy's Wear
1920 Men's Wear


Victorian Knitting

Red Cross WWI & WWII Knitting Patterns

Antique Knitting Patterns
Antique Crochet Patterns


Needlework Patterns 1859 1868

Knitted Stocking Pattern 1560

General Rules for Round End Purses.-- bead crochet
Abbreviations and Explanation of Stitches - 1917

Traditional knitting patterns in Austria - stitch patterns

Individual Patterns
smart crocheted gloves
pillbox hats
Butterfly Bedspread
Pineapple Tablecloth
Round Pineapple Tablecloth
Swirl Leaf Doily

"Dressmaking Self Taught" 1911

Lesson I - Hand Sewing
Lesson II - Five Gore Skirt
Lesson III - Shirtwaist
Lesson IV - Sleeves
Lesson V

Lessons in Crochet" 1916

1916 patterns

"Good Housekeeping
Needlework Manual" 1905

1905 patterns
Pincushions & Pinholders
Cotton Table Mats - crochet

"School Needlework" 1892

Drafting, Cutting, Making Garments
Child's Drawers - age 8
Night-dress Yoke - 32 inch bust
Gored Skirt
Drawers - age 12
Misses' Waist - 32 inch bus
Doll Clothes Patterns



How to Knit Two Socks at Once



Needle-made laces synopsis



A serious textile site for those interested in research
and history of embroideries of the past. There are some
articles in German and photographs of embroideries on
most of the pages within the site.

"Collections of veils" pages are lists, many with
examples of veils below the list. The "St.Gallen"
page shows 16 examples. The "Artists" page lists one
artist and shows several pieces of her work. These
are more modern and abstract.Another artist's work
is more scattery and randomish with child-like drawing
and lettering. The "Exhibitions" page also contains
photos along with information about exhibitions and
publications/catalogues that go with them. Including
one with strange-looking quilts The "Personages"
page has 3 short biographies including that of Terese de
Dillmont. "Leopld Ikle" pages are in German and
show some nicely done embroideries. "Book reviews,
too has some detailed and centuries-old
photos of embroideries.

I came upon

Aemilia Ars. Arts & Crafts Bologna 1898-1903
----- book review and lace photos
Dresdner Spitzen - Point de Saxe
----- Dresden lace book
A Schole-House for the Needle
----- a reprinted rare book and the address where
Pictures of whitework samplers
----- (scroll down a little)

And for those who wish to learn, there is the
"Vocabulary of Stitches" divided into 7 categories
under which is a list of stitches that are each
illustrated. Each stitch has its german translation
and perhaps later translations into other languages.